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Bad Date Alerts

July 20, 2022
Curtis Sagmoen of Salmon Arm River Rd is actively seeking out sex workers contrary to his court orders. He is sending out friend requests on Facebook to females, trying to lure them to his farm. Sagmoen has been convicted of assaulting sex workers. The body of a girl was found on his property. He may have changed appearance due to weight changes - be alert. If he has contacted you at all in the last few years, please contact Vernon RCMP. 


With your consent, a sexual assault support worker can be your second set of eyes and ears. We know the levels of difficulty can vary when it comes to system navigation and are here to be with you every step of the way.

Medical Attention

With your consent, there options for medical attention. A forensic exam where the forensic nurse collects evidence, or you can opt for medical care without forensics. 


Having support is crucial to knowing your rights as a victim/survivor, having someone to lean on, as well as, helping you navigate your emotions and behaviors. 


With your consent, a member of the SART can be there to offer support, comfort, transportation and information. Whether it is going to the hospital, RCMP detachment, a doctor's appointment, court proceedings etc.

RCMP Reporting

Sexual assault has no statute of limitations. It is completely up to you should you want to make a full RCMP report at any time following an assault, even if it was during your childhood, recent or immediate. There is no obligation to report.


The majority of sexual violence takes place in the home, and when home is no longer safe, where can you go? The SART can assist in finding emergency safe shelter.


The South Okanagan is a vast region and without your own means of transportation, it could mean you do not get the care you need. A member of the SART is always available for getting you safely to the hospital, RCMP detachment or to a different safe location from anywhere between Princeton and Summerland. 

Anonymous Reporting

3rd Party Reporting is 100% anonymous and optional. Ask any SART member to be referred to a support person who can assist you with your report. You can always choose to make a full report to the RCMP at a later date.


Referrals to counselling, for housing, financial aid, peer programs, group therapy and many more are available to all victim/survivors. Your SART member is there to give you all of your options for support.

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