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Resources for Parents

Below you will find various downloadable and printable resources to support your child(ren). Please contact us if there is a topic that you would like more information on, and we will happily email you!


If it really happened, the woman would be able to easily recount all the facts in the proper order.

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Image by Fausto Sandoval




"Only 1 in 3 Canadians fully understand what sexual consent is." So let's talk about it. This animated video takes on a fun and simple approach to looking at consent; exploring what consent is and what it does and does not look like. Everyone should understand consent, so share this video and start the conversation.


Sometimes your partner doesn't want to do what you're interested in, is too drunk or high to consent, or is just simply not into you. Here's how to handle a situation where you are not given sexual consent with courtesy and respect.


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WARNING: Explicit Language

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